Blue Mouse Art My story

I am a professional artist with a passion of making art using wool fibres. Through my interests in textiles and sustainability I came across needle felted animals. I bought a kit and a few books and, that was the start of making beautiful animals full of character. I really enjoyed making and selling locally my needle felted creations. They have been very popular! Two years later I still love making animals but now I am working to incorporate many more details.

Inspired by the tactile nature of wool and experimented incorporating it in my artwork I started making wet felted pictures but, the results were not representative of my painting style.  In my effort to bring more depth, dimensions, clear definitions, and add more details to my work I practised producing needle felted pictures. I experimented with different types of wool, needle gauges, tools and textiles for pictures backing. I produced many samples and drafts some betters than others! Through experimentation I developed my own unique style. The techniques I created enabled me to produce my signature artwork of animals and nature. My pictures are full of colour, life and details that never fail to bring the subject to life.

Needle Felted BlueMouse

Artists Bio My creative journey

From a young age I loved painting to express my creativity. I sold my first watercolour painting from a Framer shop window a pair of birds at the age of 10! I took art foundation courses that I excelled, followed by a BA in Graphic Design and, a Master in Arts. I taught art and design for many years at foundation courses and later in my career as University Lecturer specialised on environmental issues affecting the design process.

My passion for nature and environmental protection lead me to undertake research about the environmental issues affecting the design process in particular about the life cycle of packaging and product design.  I gained a PhD in Environmental auditing and packaging but most importantly I change the way I view the world and how choices we make affecting our habitat. As a result, when I had three toddlers and the opportunity arise I moved in the countryside aiming to bring up my children to appreciate nature and respect our natural habitat.

My home and studio for the last fifteen years is in Aysgarth one of the most picturesque village in the Yorkshire Dales national park surrounded by amazing pastured scenery and, plenty of wildlife in my doorstep. I particularly love the unique light and reflections that changes constantly. I inspired to paint and draw and I got a great pleasure doing it. I worked in different mediums from egg temperas, acrylics, soft pastel, colour pencils to oils but found using wool makes my work more special.

My Inspiration!